Stop ‘Selling’ and Start Building Relationships

I see this mistake happening daily all over social media and other spaces on the web. What I want you to think about is this…When you see an ad or even a post on social media that is blatantly trying to sell you something how does it make you feel? Now imagine you see a post that has an intriguing photo and text that appears to be talking directly to you?

Which one do you think you are going to click on? Now tell me what do your posts or even comments on social media look like? Are you talking at or with people?

The reason people gravitate to social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are:

1. They are visual

2. When an ad appears it doesn’t look like an ad. It looks like the advertiser is talking directly to the user.

Do you want to be the one who is being ignored or noticed? Then I suggest you stop selling to people and start having ‘conversations”!

Great article below all about changing your sales approach:

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